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Learning new Words: Repetition or Insight?

Posted on June 06, 2011

Study Finds Sudden Insights Key to Learning Words Parents and teachers often use flashcards and picture books to teach young children new words, click but a new study suggests that understanding basic words may come from a flash of initial insight more than repetition. “What we know is children are getting a lot of input from their world, pill and they are teasing out what information is useful or not useful, prescription ” said Janice H. Im, the interim chief program officer for the Was

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Don’t Wait Until 4th Grade to Address the Slump Thumbnail

Don’t Wait Until 4th Grade to Address the Slump

Posted on May 05, 2011

4th grade achievement slump It is, perhaps, education's Bermuda Triangle. For decades, educators have wrung their hands over a puzzling phenomenon that often occurs at around age 9 or 10: Students who were previously doing well in school see their performance dip, sometimes permanently. Research offers some insights into the possible causes and solutions for what Jeanne Chall and her colleagues dubbed "the 4th grade slump." Early Reading Difficulties Chall, Jacobs, and Baldwin (1990)

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Teaching Vocabulary to Elementary Students

Posted on May 05, 2011

So, I'm sitting in a workshop on vocabulary development listening to a bunch of research as to why kids lack the language to effectively comprehend and communicate. The largest factor (found by this specific research) that determines a child’s vocabulary cache is . . . (Drum roll) . . . In-home communication between adult and child using rich language. No talking, no vocabulary—makes sense, right? The more you hear it, the more likely you're going to use it, the more you’re going to "own"

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Effective School-Wide Vocabulary Models Thumbnail

Effective School-Wide Vocabulary Models

Posted on April 04, 2011

  How do we know effective elementary school vocabulary instruction when we see it? Here are some research-based essentials for effective vocabulary teaching and learning in the elementary grades. When it comes to vocabulary learning, a student's experience across the grades is just as important as what happens at each grade level. Therefore, the entire school needs to buy in to a comprehensive program of vocabulary instruction. Such a school will demonstrate the characteristics

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Speech Language Clinicians Connect with Telepractice Thumbnail

Speech Language Clinicians Connect with Telepractice

Posted on March 03, 2011

As Ohio's speech-language telepractice pilot enters its fourth year, the collaborative multimedia program continues expansion, and administrators are testing new ways of delivering therapy. The students love it, and plenty of sessions end with children asking, "Can't we do just one more?" ...Teachers can be trained on how to recognize speech-language disorders, how this therapy fits into the overall IEP, and how they can be sure their classroom leadership reinforces the IEP. Access the entir

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