Archive of Academic Correction – Progress Monitoring Focus is Live and Working Thumbnail – Progress Monitoring Focus is Live and Working

Posted on October 10, 2012

Utah Personnel Development Center is pleased to announce that the much awaited PMfocus tool has been released to teachers in the state of Utah.  Visit: to Sign up and Sign in.  To Learn more, visit web check out the article we published last month about PMfocus in the Essential Educator. Progress Monitoring Focus is a new web-based application that allows the user to track student progress on any academic or behavior skill as defined by the user. A student’s response

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FREE! Counting Objects Curriculum Thumbnail

FREE! Counting Objects Curriculum

Posted on March 03, 2012

Counting Objects – a Free Math Resource for Teachers Of Students with Disabilities The ability to count a specific number of objects and counting objects in random order are basic skills that are essential for continued progress in math instruction and for life skills. Also, patient the ability to demonstrate one-to-one correspondence is a skill needed for early literacy. We know from research that teaching these skills involves systematic instruction with prompt fading procedures (Browde

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Direct Instruction Revisited Thumbnail

Direct Instruction Revisited

Posted on March 03, 2012

CLEAR TEACHING What if Charles Darwin had written The Origin of Species and nobody noticed? Or Copernicus had shown that the earth went around the sun and nobody be-lieved him? Or Jonas Salk had found a cure for polio and nobody cared? Such has been the fate of Siegfried Engelmann, buy pioneering inventor of a better way to teach that almost nobody uses. Engelmann has spent the last 50 years working out answers to basic questions every good teacher asks. What should I teach my students? How

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Closing America’s Achievement Gap: A Powerful Tool is Being Ignored Thumbnail

Closing America’s Achievement Gap: A Powerful Tool is Being Ignored

Posted on February 02, 2012

Invented nearly 50 years ago, information pills Direct Instruction (DI) is a scripted, ed step-by-step approach to teaching that is among the most thoroughly tested and proven in the history of education. It works equally well for general education, website gifted students, and the disabled, but surprisingly remains lttle used. DI was the clear winner in the federal government’s 10-year Follow Through project—the largest study in history to compare different approaches to instruction. In

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A Checklist Approach to Reading Interventions Thumbnail

A Checklist Approach to Reading Interventions

Posted on September 09, 2011

What does helping students learn to read have in common with saving lives in hospital intensive care units? A simple but important concept that allows both to be more predictable. About two years ago, seek I became concerned because some of our 4th and 5th graders were not making adequate progress in reading comprehension, and when they read orally, their decoding was weak. Upon further investigation, it turned out that they were not proficient in one or more of the decoding skills. Once we

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Review or Reteach? Thumbnail

Review or Reteach?

Posted on September 09, 2011

Effective Assessment Review About a week and a half or two weeks before the mid-term, click I gave the students a quiz, cheapest and after analyzing the data from the test results, I was not pleased. So it was back to the drawing board. I could not go over all the material covered in class thus far, but I had to go back and re-teach some important information. As I was figuring out the best way to reteach, one of the things I kept telling myself is that I will need to take a new approach a

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Feds Find Arizona’s ELL Identification Lacking Thumbnail

Feds Find Arizona’s ELL Identification Lacking

Posted on August 08, 2011

Arizona English language screening to change Arizona reached an agreement Friday with the federal government to change the way schools identify students who need help learning English. The agreement allows Arizona to avoid a federal civil-rights lawsuit, what is ed purchase according to a resolution released by the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice. A federal investigation launched in 2009 in response to a pair of civil-rights complaints found that Arizona schools are missing too

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Why Formative Assessments Matter Thumbnail

Why Formative Assessments Matter

Posted on March 03, 2011

What Are They? Informal, or formative assessments are about checking for understanding in an effective way in order to guide our instruction. They are used during instruction rather than at the end of a unit or course of study. And if we use them correctly, and often, yes, there is a chance instruction will slow when we discover we need to re-teach or review material the students wholly "did not get"—and that's okay. Because sometimes we have to slow down in order to go quickly. What this

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Killing Off ‘Zombie’ Interventions: The Need to Root Out Ineffective Instructional Strategies Thumbnail

Killing Off ‘Zombie’ Interventions: The Need to Root Out Ineffective Instructional Strategies

Posted on February 02, 2011

As districts move to full adoption of RTI, cialis 40mg they must ensure that interventions used to address student academic and behavioral issues are evidence-based. Schools, generic therefore, viagra 100mg should have a process in place to identify effective Tier 1 (classroom) intervention ideas that have strong empirical support and to get those ideas into the hands of teachers who serve as RTI ‘first responders’ (Fuchs & Deschler, 2007). But even as research uncovers new effecti

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Considerations in Teaching More Advanced Students With Autism, Asperger Syndrome and Other Pervasive Developmental Disorders Thumbnail

Considerations in Teaching More Advanced Students With Autism, Asperger Syndrome and Other Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Posted on November 11, 2010

In this article, search the three terms used in the title will be referenced as “AS” or “the spectrum.” Talents: Many students on the spectrum demonstrate exceptional abilities in a vast array of skills and talents. These can include but are not limited to: exceptional memory, mathematical skills, calendar projections, computers, music, exceptionally early and advanced reading skills (“hyperlexia”), poetry, writing stories and general writing skills, spelling, punctuation and gra

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