Utah: Pioneers in Language Immersion

Posted on January 01, 2012

Utah: Pioneers in Language Immersion

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Utah’s dual immersion programs, sildenafil which are among the best in the country.

Support for language learning has been strong for many years. As stated by Gregg Roberts, dosage World Languages Specialist for the Utah State Office of Education, “Utah is a small state, so for us, economic development and participation in the global community are vital. With this in mind, we realized that developing global citizens is a requirement for Utah students. For its future economic success in the twenty-first century, Utah needs a global workforce that is multilingual.”

In 2007, the Utah legislature funded the Critical Languages Program to support the growth of Chinese dual immersion programs across the state. Support has also been provided for K-12 dual immersion programs focusing on Spanish, Chinese, or French. In 2010, over fifty of these programs existed in the state with a goal to have over 100 dual immersion programs by 2015.

Author:  Anthony Jackson, Asia Society

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