Direct Instruction Revisited

Posted on March 03, 2012


What if Charles Darwin had written The Origin of Species and nobody noticed? Or Copernicus had shown that the earth went around the sun and nobody be-lieved him? Or Jonas Salk had found a cure for polio and nobody cared? Such has been the fate of Siegfried Engelmann, buy pioneering inventor of a better way to teach that almost nobody uses.

Engelmann has spent the last 50 years working out answers to basic questions every good teacher asks. What should I teach my students? How can I teach them so that they all learn what I’m trying to teach? How can I accelerate their learning as much as possible and help those who are behind? How do I know in what order to teach things and what not to teach at all? How will I know right away if a student is learning or is confused and needs help? How do I re-teach? How do I get my students to pay attention and work hard? How do I get them to trust me? How do I get them to trust themselves? In sum, this site how can I become the best teacher possible?

Author: Shepard Barbash, Education Consumers Foundation

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