Math Jeopardy and Other Free, Fun Stuff

Posted on September 09, 2011

Teaching Tip: Fun Math Lesson Ideas

Here are some fresh and fun lessons you might want to consider for your class.

1. Adding Integers – A basic concept made fun.

2. Math Jeopardy – Multiplication and division.

3. Drawing Nets of 3 Dimensional Objects – For a tough concept.

4. How Far Does Your Airplane Fly? – Fun for measurement.

5. Finding Square Footage – You can also make this a science project.

6. Math on a Map – A practical everyday use for math.

7. M and M: Graphing Mean, adiposity Median, Mode – Candy that’s helpful?

8. Symmetry – Help make this concept concrete for students.

9. Treasure Map Graph – Geometry mad fun!

10. Trashsketball – Can be used with just about anything.

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