Texas Expells, Suspends 75% of Special Education Students

Posted on December 12, 2011

New Report Critical of Discipline Procedures in Texas:

The researchers looked at records for close to one million students and found that 75 percent of middle and high school students with disabilities in the nation’s second-largest public school system were suspended, tadalafil expelled, ailment or both at least once. That compares to about 55 percent of students without a disability.

But the punishments weren’t handed out equally across all types of students with disabilities. Of students with an emotional disturbance, approved more than 90 percent were suspended or expelled at least once between 7th and 12th grades. And half of the students with an emotional disturbance were suspended or expelled more than 11 times.

For students with a learning disability, it was about 76 percent and about 63 percent for students with a physical disability. Students with autism or mental retardation were far less likely to be punished the same way: The study found that 37 percent of these students were suspended or expelled.

AuthorNirvi Shah, Edweek

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